What’s the dilly-o so far…

I have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I was diagnosed February 28. I don’t know what stage yet. Not sure the schedule of my chemo. I just know that I have it and I start my treatments March 19.

I know many of you will have questions about my treatment and what the doctors say. This may seem impersonal, but the only way not to lose my mind repeating everything over and over again, plus an easy way for you to get information if you want it, is to have a central place where all the information will be. I’ve started this blog where I will update the information I get as it comes in. This way, instead of wondering, you can just come here and look.

So here’s the timeline:

December 22: I was getting a massage and the woman felt a lump near my right armpit. I figured it was just a dried up milk duct and that it wasn’t anything to be worried about. I had an appointment with my OB/Gyn in 2 weeks and mentioned it to her and asked for a script to get a mammogram and she included an ultrasound to go with it.

Week of January 13: I went back to work after maternity leave. My neck swelled up a bit and I thought it was swollen glands. I went to my doctor the Monday after and she didn’t feel anything hard, but gave me a script for an ultrasound anyway.

Late January – Early February: I got a mammogram (it was clean) and they did an ultrasound and saw that both things were swollen lymph nodes. I went to the surgeon and had a needle biopsy that was inconclusive so they did a tissue core biopsy. Now the surgeon said the results of that were “NOTHING SINISTER”. Now to me, this means it’s something hormonal from the pregnancies or random weird infection… however, to a surgeon it means something that is treatable.

February 26: They removed the lymph node from my right upper chest to run pathology.

February 28: Surgeon called and said it was Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. And again used the term “Nothing Sinister”. Now I like my surgeon, but he needs to table the use of that term when something could be and is cancer. But I digress… He is very confident I’ll be fine because if there was anything it could be, this was the best case scenario because it is so treatable.

March 5: Had my appointment with the oncologist at Bryn Mawr. I have to have a few tests:

echocardiogram, pulmonary function test: to use as a baseline down the road because some of the drugs they use can affect these down the road

PET scan: to see where the cancer is and stage it

Have port installed for easy access to take blood and administer drugs and chemo.

That’s all I know right now. I scheduled my appointments for the preliminary things and then I am scheduled to start chemo on March 19.

All my treatment is taking place at Bryn Mawr Hospital, so it’s close and convenient and hopefully I’ll be over and done in a few months. Fingers crossed!

That’s it for now.


14 thoughts on “What’s the dilly-o so far…

  1. Nicole Cavaliere says:

    Love you Beth!!! You will not be going through this alone and I’m confident you are going to win this battle and thrive!

  2. Ginger says:

    Top 10 Reasons we love beth:
    10) plays celebrities better than me
    9) makes a mean pesto
    8) want to have a party in high school? Beth’s house! (I think we’re past the statue of limitations on that)
    7) secretly awesome at skiing
    6) obviously, not so secret, because we all know how good she is
    5) best. Auntie. Ever.
    4) perfect, thoughtful gift? Done. Plus, she got it on sale and in time to wrap it, didn’t just shove it in a gift bag.
    3) you can try to sing better, but you can’t, girl, you can’t.
    2) generally the smartest in the room. The building. The neighborhood.
    1) best friend ever.

  3. Melanie says:

    Thanks for sharing Beth. You my friend, are a very strong, positive and upbeat woman- that’s half of the battle already. We will all be with you every step of the way. Love/hugs and prayers!!!! xoxoxo

  4. jenna says:

    thanks for sharing your journey with us beth, and i hope you will share how we can help as well!! we love you and i just have to say one thing – i noticed your treatments start on the 19th….might want to take advantage of the 17th then and come out for SPD with us…just sayin’, 🙂 ❤ – jenna & pj

  5. Jim says:

    Beth McT is a best friend to me
    Beth McT is as cool as can be
    Beth McT enjoys hot tea (do you?)
    Beth McT is a total Hottie
    Beth McT is receiving this poem and hugs from me….

    Love you Beth,

  6. The other Beth says:

    Thanks for sharing this journey…because you know I love you and want to know everything that’s going on but don’t want to have to make you repeat it a thousand times!

    We’re praying that you kick this cancer’s butt and get back to normal in no time!

    Let me know if I can come and hold your hand, or tell you some of my funnier in-law stories, or knit you a hat, or make you a meal when you feel up to eating…whatever you need!

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