Staging is not just a theatre term anymore

So here’s what’s been going on and where we stand as of now:

I had my port put in yesterday. The port gives access to draw blood and give meds without having to put in a new IV every time. I can’t lift anything heavier than 10 lbs till Sunday (sorry kids), and I’m pretty sore. The one good thing is that they put it in the same spot where I had my lymph node taken out, so I only have the one scar still. Once I can remove the dressing and it’s not gnarly and swollen, I’ll post a picture if you can see the port through the skin.

I also got my PET scan results back… Good news! I am unofficially Stage 2 because the PET scan didn’t show any perceivable cancer below the diaphragm. There are more lymph nodes than we were able to feel, but that was expected.
However (there’s gotta be a “However” right?), there is a lymph node right in the center of my chest that is bigger than we thought they would find (9 cm… Yowza). He was surprised to see it because he couldn’t feel it, but then said he is always surprised what the human body hides. They are going to treat me more aggressively than they normally would (like I am Stage 3 I guess) because of that one’s size, so radiation is pretty much a definite. I still have to get my bone marrow tested on Wednesday, but we are optimistic that it won’t be in there and I’ll be an officially official Stage 2.

Seriously… let’s get this done already.


5 thoughts on “Staging is not just a theatre term anymore

  1. mariehelenebertino says:

    Alright, alright, alright! I like the sound of unofficial/official Stage Two. Big love and hugs to you, dear. xoxo

  2. Amy Rich says:

    Liking the sound of the unofficial/official stage 2 also! keeping fingers/arms/legs/toes and whatever else I can cross, crossed…and saying lots of prayers!!! LOVE YOU!!!

  3. Rocco says:

    Thank you so much for the updates, Beth. Obviously, would’ve been nice to hear that radiation is not necessary but I do like the sound of Stage 2 to the alternatives. Love to you!

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