Marrow Escape

Good news! I just got the results back from my bone marrow test and it’s clean! They found no cancer in my marrow, so I am still Stage 2 which is always better than Stage 4.

So what does this mean for my treatment schedule? Nothing really. After my fourth treatment, I’ll get another PET scan to see how I am reacting to the chemo and then we will go from there (which was the course of action all along).

As for how I am feeling in general, I am doing well. My nausea finally passed Monday afternoon so that was a nice surprise. Unfortunately, I either have a cold or my allergies are kicking in, I can’t tell which. Sigh… talk about adding insult to injury!

Next treatment is next Wednesday, April 2 (Happy Anniversary to me!), so I probably won’t have anything to post till then.

Hopefully there won’t be snow on the ground next time you hear from me!!!


12 thoughts on “Marrow Escape

  1. jenna says:

    so happy to hear some ‘good’ news in all this!! and glad to hear you’re feeling relatively good. (and loving the pun post titles – you’ve done it now, gotta come up with one each time!) ❤

  2. mariehelenebertino says:

    Some extremely welcome good news! Hooray!!!!! I also can’t believe you are still making puns. It’s just a switch you can’t turn off, isn’t it? Love it. Congratulations and love! xoxo

  3. Amy Rich says:

    I have to echo Dana…HAPPY DANCE HAPPY DANCE!!!! SOOO glad to hear that!! I did really do the happy dance!!! LOVE YOU!! xoxo

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