Hair today…

Today was a big day for many reasons:

Jake was christened today. Apparently, the deacon thought that Jake has a future in scoring movies, because he kept calling him John Williams. One can only hope!


Darcy is in her big girl car seat now. She got to ride facing forward for the first time today and her reaction was “Whooooaaaaa” and “Ooooooo”.


And finally, as you probably gathered from the title of this blog, my hair is falling out. I’m ok, it sucks, but what can you do? I had what seemed like a softball sized hair ball after my shower today, so I made my sister cut my hair in her kitchen after the christening party. I figure if my hair is shorter, my drains will be saved the torture. My sister’s response to my request: “But what if I screw it up?!” My reply “It will only be screwed up for a week or two, so who cares?” So now I am sporting a sassy bob.


I’m looking into wigs ASAP, so hopefully it will all get settled before it’s all gone. Fingers crossed!



4 thoughts on “Hair today…

    • Not sure what the hospital program does. The one I looked into independently has you order the wig that matches your natural hair then they cut and style it (and in my case, if I want, perm it), to my specifications, I think.

  1. Shawnarino says:

    Christenings, big girl seats, sassy bobs, and wigs?! We need to get John Williams to write music for this….

  2. I bet you look SASSAY in that curly bob!! Maybe you should consider a big change for your wig… I’m thinking red headed angled bob… no?

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