I was LITERALLY being literal

Hi everyone!

This is an off week, so nothing new to report. I made it through the weekend just fine and we had a really great Easter.

The point of this post is to clear something up.

When I wrote the initial message regarding my diagnosis and sent it out, I stated, “I REALLY don’t feel like talking about it right now. I’m still trying to process everything.” And I meant it. I had no idea what was going on as I had only been given the news a few days prior and just met with the oncologist.

However, I really did mean “right now” when I wrote it as well. I figured sending out a message to as many people as I could at the same time meant that everyone was finding out about it at the same time. I was being kind of selfish because I couldn’t handle it if everyone came at me all at once with phone calls and emails asking questions I couldn’t answer. I did receive emails and texts of love and support, which I appreciated, but I didn’t have to know anything or try to think too hard to say thank you to those.

It has recently come to my attention that some people are still reticent about calling or writing me because they think I can’t handle it or still don’t want to talk about it. Please know that I am 100% ok with talking to anyone about anything and answering any questions you may have. I’m sorry if anyone felt they couldn’t talk to me, because I am, and have been for a while, ok with everything going on. In fact, some people have even told me that they find it very easy to talk to me and ask questions about my cancer and they didn’t think that would be the case (not to toot my own horn, but… TOOT. TOOT.)

In all seriousness though, PLEASE do not hesitate to call, text or email me just like before. But please remember, just like before, I am still a busy mommy of two little ones, so I’m not avoiding you or too sick to go anywhere… I’m just pretty much homebound from my life in general.

 Love to you all!


One thought on “I was LITERALLY being literal

  1. mariehelenebertino says:

    Toot toot! This was a great thing for you to clear up, though I’ve never felt weird about bothering you. When I want to bother you, I do so, and let you take it from there. Hope you are having a good “off” week. xoxo

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