American Psycho

No real news to report this week. I had my treatment yesterday. I had to wait to get a chair but when I got seated it was in one of the private cubes… SWEET! I take little victories when I can. The treatment itself was uneventful, but I felt doubly worse than I usually do.

The nausea started ON THE DRIVE TO THE HOSPITAL. This isn’t the first time it’s happened either. I’m having some REAL issues with psychosomatic nausea. The drive there is getting to be annoying. Plus they have a big basket of cheese on wheat crackers there for people to snack on, and the mere thought of those (yes, even now as I am typing), makes me nauseated. Also, the smell of a disinfectant can set me off. I sat down yesterday in the cube and they had just washed everything down… UGH. Later on, I happened to be talking to my sister, who is an oncology nurse, and without even knowing about my issue, she mentioned something about patients complaining about psychosomatic nausea and pain! When I told her my story, she said that it happens to a lot of people. Well at least I’m not alone in my craziness! Unfortunately, the nausea hasn’t really gone away completely, so it’s been a fun day. The drugs are definitely keeping it at bay, but it’s always there just under the surface. Sigh… if a little nausea now and then is the worse that happens, I’ll be fine.

On a different note, in case you are wondering, my hair as not completely fallen out and what’s left from the shaving has actually been growing a smidge. So yay! I know a bunch of friends, either jokingly or not, said they were going to shave their heads in solidarity. I am so glad no one has done that… VERY GLAD. If you ever feel the desire to do something to show support for me or anyone else you know with cancer, I suggest doing something beneficial. While it’s lovely to want to commiserate with shiny noggins, that doesn’t really help the situation in the long run. I personally would have felt bad that another person shaved their head and it was because of me. My hope is that people, instead of SHAVING their heads, will grow out their hair and donate to Locks of Love or a similar organization. I know my one friend is already growing her hair out to do just that and many other friends have donated over the years. I think it’s the OPPOSITE of a negative that cancer causes and anything that can symbolically tell cancer to F-off is the best way to show support for me.

Another way to show support AND possibly save a life would be to get registered on the Bone Marrow Donor Registry. A bone marrow transplant can be a person’s only hope for survival and the process is so simple. It’s literally a cheek swab. I was put on the registry years ago at a drive my cousins ran because their son PJ, who had a transplant from his sister, knew many people wouldn’t find a match within their families and the Bone Marrow Donor Registry was their only hope to find one. Sadly, PJ passed last year, but they are running the drive again in his memory this Saturday, from 10 AM to 1 PM at Springfield Township High School at 1801 Paper Mill Road, Glenside, PA. If you are able to and want to get registered, they’ve made it easy for you. Here is the link for the event page on Facebook:

Please consider it!


2 thoughts on “American Psycho

  1. jenna says:

    yay for spreading the word about these two great causes – i’ll share the bone marrow registry sign-up info on facebook. thanks! i’ve been on the registry for a couple of years now, and i’ve donated my hair to locks of love twice – and am growing it out again – thanks for the reminder to keep doing it!
    ❤ and hugs from us (miss you!!)

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