You really do make lemonade!

This update is a little delayed, sorry! The weekend was kind of a blur.

I took my nice drugs before going to treatment this time, so it really helped with the nausea. I still needed a little boost once the treatment started, but all in all it was uneventful. However, typing about it RIGHT NOW is making me nauseous (I am a NUT CASE)! Friday I was a MESS because, on top of everything, I got a wicked sinus headache/borderline migraine. I felt better Saturday and then by Sunday I was at 80% (which is good). I have to get my PET scans and Echo and PFT tests this week to let us know how things are going. Hopefully, we’ll stay the course and get this chemo stuff wrapped up by the end of August and radiation in the Fall some time.

I’ve had so much help the past few months, and I can’t thank everyone enough. I have to give a special shout out to two amazing people who just made my spirits soar just when I started to feel a little icky from my treatment this week. My little cousin Matt, who is going into first grade, and his cousin Rylie, who is going into third grade, set up a lemonade stand so they could raise money for me to buy medicine. CAN. YOU. EVEN? Below are the notes that were attached to the money envelope and I hope they bring you the happiness they brought me.

Since I am pretty set on the medicine front, I donated their earnings to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, because this is pretty much what that organization was founded on: little kids trying to help others any way they can.

So thank you Matt and Rylie for bringing smiles to the world. You are very, VERY special.

Happy 4th everyone!




2 thoughts on “You really do make lemonade!

  1. mariehelenebertino says:

    Is everyone in your family an angel? Oh my god, I love this. I miss you so much and am trying to get home, soon! xoxo

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