One Down… One to Go

Hi everyone,

Not too much to report this week. It went much more smoothly this time because I told my doctor that I was going to need to be drugged ASAP and put in a private room. He totally understood, so I was set from the beginning and didn’t have to wait to get my nausea drugs.

I DID have to wait for a tetanus shot though. WHY did I need a tetanus shot? Well, a funny thing happened the day before my last treatment. I stepped on a board with a nail sticking up. It went right through my sneaker and stuck in my foot. There was little blood spot on my sock, but it didn’t continue to bleed. It was a new board and a new nail, but I needed a tetanus shot because I couldn’t remember the last time I had one. They don’t normally keep that at the chemo center, so they had to go down the hall to the Infectious Diseases office to get me one. It was really nice of them to save me a trip.

I have ONE MORE CHEMO TREATMENT!!! I am so ready for this part to be done. It’s taking longer to recover after each one and I am literally sick and tired of the whole thing.

Seriously… Let’s get this over with.


8 thoughts on “One Down… One to Go

  1. mariehelenebertino says:

    Go, Beth, go!!! We are all rooting for you and sending love and energy. I know it has been a really tough go, especially of late, but you are so close to the end of this crap, and so inspiring to all of your friends and family, who love you very much. Whenever I am going through my own crap, I think of you and how you would probably make me laugh about all of it, or get straight to the heart of it within a couple minutes, and I feel so much better, without you doing anything at all, ha ha! I hope you are using the words of all of the people who love you to do the same. And while I don’t think we’ll ever get to the point where we’ll be laughing about this persay, I can’t wait to get to the point where we are on some veranda with drinks, with the only pressing matter being what time we’ll have dinner. Love you so much! xoxo

  2. Aunt Sue says:

    Beth, you are absolutely amazing, handling this like you are. Most people would be complaining and complaining – me included. You are the best and impress me everyday! ONE MORE TO GO!!! YAY!! Loveyou! Aunt Sue.

  3. Nicole Cavaliere says:

    You seriously are a rock star – I don’t know anyone else who would be able to handle everything you have going on in your life. You are my idol – my inspiration. I love you! You got this!!!

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