Not so fast…

Tuesday, I met with my Radiology Oncologist and we discussed “the plan”. I have to get radiation every weekday for a month. It wouldn’t be so bad if they could see me in the morning or late afternoon. Unfortunately, I am going every day from Malvern to Bryn Mawr at 2 PM. UGH. Like this wasn’t a pain in the butt before. Oh well.

It is a very interesting process, this setting up for radiation therapy. I had to lay down on the machine bed and the cushion is full of bean baggy material. They bolstered the beans to mold to me and then turned on this doo-hickey (very technical terms here). It kind of set the mold so the beans wouldn’t move and they held me in place. Then when they were done with the initial scan, they pulled me out and marked where the white light criss cross marks were on my body. THEN THEY TATTOOED ME! They put a dot in the middle of the criss crosses so they know where to line me up next time. There are six dots in all.

Wednesday, I had my final oncology appointment for a while. I don’t need to see him till January! No need for another PET scan till then too. I as going to have to go back in November to get my port flushed out, but that won’t be necessary. You’ll see why in a minute.

This morning (Thursday) I had an early appointment for my echocardiogram to see if the last bit of chemo affected my heart. The technician was very complimentary of my heart health, so I think I’m ok in that department. On my way out, I had a voice mail from the radiology oncologist asking me to stop by. Luckily I was right there so I went immediately. He wanted to check where the lymph nodes they removed and biopsied had been located. Funny thing… that’s where my port is now and that is a bad thing when they want to radiate the area. Sooooo, tomorrow morning I have to get my port removed and I will start radiation next Thursday instead of Monday as was original plan.

I need a nap or a very strong margarita… or both.


3 thoughts on “Not so fast…

  1. Aunt Sue says:

    You can have all the Margharitas you want and even some naps if you can sneak them in. You are amazing. Keep up the good progress!!
    Love you!

  2. Kabrina says:

    Oh Beth, it’s never easy is it?? You are probably a pro at anticipating the other shoe dropping. There is always something- never an easy in and out.

    But, it looks like you are on the home stretch…not a short home stretch, but still close.

    Plus, you got some bonus tattoos.

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