Tough to Swallow

It’s been a while since my last update because, while there’s not much going on, there’s SO much going on that it’s hard to find the time write a post.

I am going every weekday to Bryn Mawr for radiation treatment. At first, it was only supposed to take 5 minutes or so of getting laser beamed (VERY technical term) and then I could be on my merry way. They would shoot once or twice down on my chest and once or twice up through my back. However, after the first week, that changed. The doctor changed the process so instead of a couple of deep beams (for want of a better word), I am receiving a bunch of shallow beams so my lung isn’t as exposed. It takes longer, about 15-20 minutes, but if it keeps my lungs healthier, I’m all for it.

Because the trek back and forth to and from Malvern is such a pain in the butt, Mondays and Wednesdays I’ve been going home after treatment. It makes life a little easier, so that’s always nice.

What isn’t so nice is that my throat is getting sore from the treatments. It hurts to swallow, so I’ve been eating a lot more soup and dissolvable or mushy food. However, I suffer through if there’s a nice steak or some french fries around. It doesn’t hurt THAT BAD!

I’m not sure my last treatment date, but I will shout it from the rooftops when it happens, so you’ll probably hear me.


One thought on “Tough to Swallow

  1. jenna says:

    i was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how things were going, so glad to see the update! not glad to hear how much of a pain in the ass it is tho. 😦 hoping this is short lived and soon all to be over with!! ❤

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